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What To Do Before Filing Bankruptcy

If you have attempted to budget, and despite your best efforts, still can’t satisfy your creditors, bankruptcy may be your best option.

This process can be exceptionally confusing and emotional, which is why it is important to turn to a reliable bankruptcy attorney for help. During a bankruptcy, you are admitting that you cannot pay back your debt to creditors and you are seeking relief from these debts. A bankruptcy gives you the chance to wipe the slate clean.

Bankruptcy can help stop foreclosure on your house, garnishment of your wages, and more. However, it may not cancel all of your debt including student loans, child support, and large items purchased before filing.

Things To Remember

Steps To Take Before Filing Bankruptcy Include:

1. Contact our bankruptcy attorney when you think you’re in trouble. When you meet with us, we will talk about your current financial situation and provide you with the legal advice you are looking for to help you move forward. If you wait until you are too far deep, it may limit the options available to you.

2. Remain honest and transparent. Hiding certain things from a bankruptcy attorney will only hinder us from helping you. Be honest and open about your situation for us to properly help you. Information shared with the attorney will remain with the attorney unless it is something that must be disclosed in legal documents. For example, if you have a large commission check coming from work, but choose not to tell the attorney, you could fall under penalty for not providing that information. Your attorney will provide you with information you need to get out of debt and move forward in your life.

3. Continue to make payments. We can help you determine which items you should continue to make payments on. This includes your vehicle.

If your options on repaying debt are becoming limited, contact a bankruptcy attorney at Schollander Law Offices, serving the greater Winston Salem, NC area. The best way to get through this complicated process and learn what your options are is to call our experienced team. Contact us today to speak with a bankruptcy attorney.

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