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Bankruptcy is a legal status that can help you regain control of a difficult debt situation. It generally lasts for about a year and is designed to help you reconsolidate your debt and get on top of things again. There are three ways you can declare bankruptcy; your payment conditions will vary depending on which option you qualify for.

Schollander Law Offices has more than two decades of experience as a bankruptcy law attorney in the greater Winston-Salem, NC area. We can review your options with you and determine which type of bankruptcy best fits your situation.

No matter the precise nature of your financial standing, you can rely on the certified staff members at the Schollander Law Offices to provide support. In fact, we will remain by your side throughout each stage of the declaration process, whether you’re looking to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


At Schollander Law Offices we have been offering reasonably priced, simple divorces and separation agreements for many years and they are a regular part of our law practice.

A low cost option for divorce and separation has been especially helpful to our bankruptcy clients who are already under financial hardship but still need to get this part of their life legally settled. We have found a niche in the market for couples who are not fighting or contesting division of property or child custody and support, they simply need someone to put their wishes into writing in a separation agreement. If there aren’t any issues regarding property or children, they just need a low cost option to finalize a divorce.

If you are unsure whether your situation is compatible with our low cost options, give us a call. Our offices offers a variety of legal services to residents in You don’t have to face debt collectors and the stress that comes with handling debt alone. Our bankruptcy law firm is here to help you, so give us a call today. We serve the residents of Lewisville, Mount Airy, Pinnacle, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Clemmons, Advance, Lexington, Mocksville, Yadkinville, King, Walkertown, Thomasville, NC and surrounding areas.


At Schollander Law Offices we have been pleased to offer a reasonably priced option for a simple Will for those who don’t have much to leave to their heirs but want to make sure their final wishes are recognized. We originally just provided this low cost option to our bankruptcy clients but some years ago opened it up to the general public who have given an overwhelmingly positive response. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that their spouse or children will inherit their assets without having the added complication of having the state involved in determining what happens to their property at such a difficult time of loss.

If your financial or family life is more complicated, we may not be the right law firm for you. However, if you want the simple peace of mind that comes from getting this area of your life taken care of at a reasonable price, please call us at (336) 727-0900.

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Call today to speak with our attorneys! Schollander Law Offices is ready to help.

We Can Stop

Call today to speak with our attorneys! Schollander Law Offices is ready to help.