About Mocksville, NC

Mocksville, NC dates back to 1839 and is located on the southern end of Davie County. The town boasts impressive infrastructure for a town of over 5,000 people. Residents are certainly aware of the town’s notable persons, but many people are surprised to learn the town was home to Daniel Boone, Joe Gibbs, Hinton Rowan Helper, and Bob Gosse. The town’s motto is “Time Well Spent” and after walking through Mocksville and enjoying its culture and atmosphere, it would be hard not to agree.

The town’s character is only one reason why it has so many homeowners and families. The area offers education from early pre-K to early college with a strong emphasis placed on community through its performing arts and recreational activities. As with any other town or city, the working class of Mocksville can experience hard times and surprise costs.

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